TAARA empowers sex-trafficking survivors to rebuild their lives while igniting
a movement to prevent future victimization.

Need help? Contact the National Human Trafficking Hotline.


TAARA is an acronym for Trafficking Awareness, Advocacy & Rehabilitation Advancement.

Our mission is to put an end to sex trafficking and to actively raise public awareness. We are committed to helping survivors by providing them with the necessary guidance and tools, needed to heal and learn.Through education and vocational training, armed with a renewed sense of confidence and self worth, victims are encouraged to take charge of their lives.

At TAARA, we also recognize the paramount importance of raising awareness. We are aggressively expanding our reach to bring our message to schools and communities, as we believe that increasing awareness goes hand in hand with prevention.

Sex trafficking is the recruitment, the harboring, the transporting, and or obtaining of a person for the purpose of commercial sex. The act usually involves force, fraud, deceit, manipulation and or coercion.
Victims are held against their will and used for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.Traffickers deceive their targets with the false promise of a better life, be it thru marriage or employment, while exploiting them to engage in sexual services.Victims are vulnerable and left to the whim and mercy of their captors.
It is a global issue that incurs tremendous pain and trauma to the victims and their families and undermines the strength of a community and society. It is a form of modern day slavery, a painful insidious threat to society at large.
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